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Helping Communities Thrive

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Ben Hamilton

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Chief Technology Officer

With over 15 years of experience in the energy section, specialising in utility finance and regulation, hardware and software technology and energy systems, Ben has founded and co-founded multiple startups and brings relentless drive for innovation and passion for a sustainable clean energy future to his role. 

Our Founders

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Yvonne Power

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Chief Operating Officer

Yvonne brings over a decade of experience in rural energy tech and strategy, consumer engagement and rural system operations to her role as Chief Operating Officer of Village energy. 

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Wayne Liubinskas

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Chief Executive Officer

Wayne is responsible for accelerating the growth of our business, and is well equipped to do so, with a strong background in tech growth and enterprise business development across global markets ranging from startups to big corporations. 

Our Advisory Board

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Professor Rajeev Ram

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Professor of Electrical Engineering at MIT and serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for Breakthrough Energy Ventures. His research focuses on the development of novel photonics and electronics for communication, energy and sensing. Specifically, he has focuse his attention on achieving energy systems improvement in rural India. He is a MacVicar Faculty Fellow - MIT's highest honor for teaching. 

Our Brand Ambassador

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Adam Gilchrist

Village Energy is proud to have Adam Gilchrist as our corporate ambassador. 
Adam shares our teams' vision for helping remote communities to thrive and has seen firsthand how the Village Energy solution works on a visit to our pilot site , Pagidiroy, in Andhra Pradesh. 

Adam shares our team's high level of integrity, passion for humanitarianism and a great love and fondness for India and all the people who call it home. 

" Our solution leapfrogs the traditional model; we save utilities money whilst also making a massive difference to the lives of people"



Australian Technologies Competition Winner
Energy Category - 2020


Cleantech Group APAC25 Company 2020


EDF Pulse India Start-Up Awards 2020
Top 9 Finalist 
Sustainable Smart Living Category

Our Partners

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