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Which of these appliances do you own? *

* * to be eligible to join our pilot project you need to own at least one of these devices.

Sorry, this pilot is not accepting registrations at the moment.

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About this pilot project

Australia is leading the way to a cleaner and greener energy future. 

Did you know that based on current trends, 100% of your energy could come from renewables as early as 2025. 


For a short period on 7 September 2021, renewables met over 60% of demand in WA, breaking previous records. But as households and businesses supply more of their own energy from rooftop solar and storage, they draw less electricity from the grid, and without major adaptations to the power system, reliability and security will be impacted.

Village Energy is working with energy companies to address these challenges and we need your help. We’re developing innovative energy solutions so that everyone can access renewable energy as we shift the grid to a 100% green energy future.

Currently one-in-three households have solar panels in Australia. At times there is very low energy demand and high solar generation - when it is sunny with little need for heaters, air conditioners and pool pumps - leading to two-way power flow into the grid. If we make the grid and our appliances smarter, we can balance the energy flow in real-time to keep energy running at optimal levels, whilst also allowing more and more renewable energy onto the grid.

Collaborative projects between Village Energy and energy companies are exciting and innovative pilots where your Distributed Energy Resources (DER) like your rooftop solar, batteries and selected household appliances such as pool pumps, air conditioning and electric hot water will be able to automatically integrate with the grid. These pilots are exploring alternative options for enrolling customers appliances to support the grid and understand how to structure and share the benefits of this with customers.

By taking part in a pilot, you will help to shape how energy companies engages with customers to offer new technologies and new products and help to ensure energy is cheaper, cleaner and more reliable for everyone.

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What to expect

We will use our technology to connect your eligible Distributed Energy Resources (DER) to our technology platform and demonstrate how it can automatically respond to support the grid without inconveniencing you.


This will involve us automatically turning appliances on or off, or up and down via a smart plug or meter within parameters set or agreed with you. We will give you access to a mobile App to help us customise and test how other customers could benefit from being able to easily opt into plans or contracts related to their DER to support the grid and save them money.

We will be working with a small group of willing and supportive pilot participants that are passionate about a sustainable energy future.

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Village Energy 'VECO' Plug

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