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Voltello app

Households experience our platform via an elegant mobile App that allows customers to easily manage their energy connections and receive offers and plans prompting them to enrol their appliances. A simple onboarding flow allows customers to connect appliances within minutes.


Once these appliances are connected, they automatically begin responding to the needs of the grid making the whole solution highly convenient and scalable. Our technology then allows energy utilities to engage with households in a hyper-personalised way that delivers economic grid, consumer and climate outcomes with transparency and certainty.


Voltello IQ

Voltello IQ is an enterprise control dashboard available to energy utilities. It orchestrates and harmoniously coordinates distributed energy resources to achieve technical, economic and social priorities. Utilities can use Voltello IQ to manage and enrich their relationship with customers on their network, aggregate customer-owned assets and set up events they want to monitor and respond to in real-time via smart contracts.


Voltello IQ gives utilities unrivalled granularity, flexibility and value stacking beyond distributed energy resources.

Voltello devices

Our software can be supplemented with our proprietary hardware. Whilst this hardware is optional, it maximises the benefits available to utilities and can be bundled with services to meet the specific needs of the utility.


Our Voltello devices enables communication with and control of rooftop solar systems, battery storage, air conditioners and other high energy consuming appliances like pool pumps. Our next generation devices are a proven technology, that are low-cost and use data and automation to manage events at the grids edge.

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