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Why we exist

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Energy Access

Our aim is to improve access to stable energy even in the most remote regions.

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Thriving Communities

When power supply is stable, communities thrive, impacting the lives of every villager.

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Climate Change

In the wake of climate change we're looking at the integration of renewable energy sources to balance supply and demand.

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Community THRIVE Model 

Targeted Holistic Rapid and Impactful Village Energy 

Deployment and Support Model  

Lifting people out of poverty requires a comprehensive approach that ensures electricity is not only affordable, but is also reliable, useable and available to the whole community. Village Energy has developed and is testing a holistic model that balances scaleable engagement with rapid implementation of its platform to stimulate economic development. The Community THRIVE model is intended for rapid roll-out whilst ensuring Village Energy's platform has the maximum social impact and achieves key indicator targets.

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Inspired by Impact

Mosquitos and associated illnesses are high in Pagidiroy. For Lakshmi this was a cause of concern because electricity supply was irregular , limiting her access to a fan and moving air, their frontline defence against mosquitos. When available it was expensive, leaving her young son susceptible to falling ill quite easily. Having the Village Energy solution in her village and in her home gives Lakshmi access to more reliable energy at times when the grid supply is interrupted. By also integrating the use of solar energy, gives her and other villagers access to cheaper , cleaner energy throughout the day. 

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Harnessing the power of the sun 

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Village Energy has been working in partnership with Vikram Solar and with passionate entrepreneurs like Bhadri to develop an exciting and scaleable green entrepreneur model. 

Through Village Energy's advanced distributed grid operating platform, we make it possible for entrepreneurs like Bhadri to facilitate the introduction of more renewable energy into their villages. This 2kW system is one of 10 that is planned for installation in our pilot site, Pagidiroy, Andhra Pradesh. 

Bhardri - Our first green entrepreneur 

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