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Distributed Microgrid Platform

Village Energy's Distributed Microgrid Platform establishes base level reliability and optimises energy costs on the microgrid 

We install a smart device that allows us to understand and control supply and demand

A digital connection is created - just like the internet

Consumers control their energy use and spend over a mobile device

Machine learning is used to manage the grid to maximise reliability and minimise cost

Distributed energy (e.g. rooftop solar) is used to supplement the grid. This is an investment opportunity for the community.

Some infrastructure is installed that allows a section of the grid to be managed as a microgrid. This is self-forming and automatic.

A dynamic price is determined and used to optimise the economics of the microgrid.

Smart contracts are used to manage the commercial exchange between generators, prosumers and consumers

Application Services

Village Energy have developed a range of specialist applications that are delivered easily over the top of the Distributed Microgrid Platform.  

Community THRIVE

The THRIVE model enables engages communities to maximise local economic and social benefits



Proprietary algorithms and social engagement tools are applied to dramatically reduce energy theft

Transformer Optimisation

Real time data is used to optimise performance, life and returns on transformer assets



Flexible and customised  tariff structures are able to be easily created and immediately deployed across targeted segments of consumers

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