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Helping you and helping your community

At Village Energy we believe that when you have a stable power supply, you can rest easy, your business can grow and your community can thrive. 

Our Approach Ensures That Electricity Is Affordable, Reliable, Useable & Available For Your Whole Community

Village Energy converts any existing grid into a state-of-the-art digital system. Village Energy's control platform optimises the grid and protects the utility's assets. It flattens peaks, integrates renewables and streamlines customer care. As a result, service improves, costs are significantly lower and because it is capital light, the benefits occur almost immediately.


Energy flows on the network are managed in real time using a low cost metering and control device. Powered by artificial intelligence, the Village Energy platform responds to the economic and electrical needs of the grid by managing energy use according to the consumers' preference and controlling Distributed energy resources such as rooftop solar. 

Village Energy

Data Acquisition Device

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Grid Monitoring Software

Our network of low cost metering and control devices (VEDAs) provide a level of visibility and control unlike anything experienced by utilities before. 

Our bespoke , secure platform puts real time information in the hands of the operators and decision makers, ultimately providing a world class level of service for their customers. 

Access to  real time electrical data  of individual consumer as well as source meters provide operators with an unlimited set of customer and grid monitor,  control and response options  such as customisable outage notifications  based on grid conditions. 

Village Energy App

Consumers have greater control of their budget and their electricity use via a convenient mobile app. 

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Customers can download our app to request a Village Energy connection and manage their installation process

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Village Energy customers can view their real time electricity consumption and energy dashboard


View offers such as local jobs and apply to become the proud owner of a solar rooftop system

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