Advanced technologies will eliminate energy poverty

December 28, 2017

It is an undisputed fact that technology is radically changing almost every aspect of our lives, from self-driving trucks, payments through face detection and quantum computers, things are moving fast. Yet there are still 1.06 billion people living without access to electricity across the world (IEA and World Bank, 2017). In remote communities throughout the Asia Pacific, advances in technology are not improving things fast enough with over 80 percent of the population still living without electricity and relying on 'dirty' energy sources. 


Universal access to reliable and affordable energy is acknowledged as a prerequisite to eradicating poverty and addressing the burden of escalating subsidies and debt.  Energy is a foundation level enabler of human and economic development but unfortunately viable and implementable solutions remain a challenge.


There is a global drive to improve energy access to remote communities. Village Energy understands the problems faced by grid operators who want to find innovative ways to deliver energy profitably to some of their most disadvantaged customers. Remote communities are difficult to serve with higher capital requirements, higher operating costs, lower revenues, and lower asset utilisation. For the first time ever, we have uniquely applied advanced technologies to help solve these remote community problems. Village Energy is working with global organisations who recognise our strengths and capabilities and we have built a Distributed Microgrid Platform that solves social, technological and economic challenges.  We use digital tools to change the nature of the retail relationship with customers, to drive sustainable energy use, incentivise renewable energy resources and lower the overall cost of the energy system. All this means that grid operators can provide energy that is sustainable, reliable, affordable and scalable. 


Just 12 years ahead of global energy goal deadlines, many countries remain behind schedule.  Village Energy has solutions that are available and we know we have proof of their benefits, so why wait?




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