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Connecting billions of household energy assets to the energy system in a way that works

Village Energy provides utilities with a solution that seamlessly manages growing grid complexity

Multi-award winning Australia-based organisation


By 2040, there will be billions of household energy assets connecting to the grid.

"Village Energy has developed a low-cost network of devices that simultaneously manages the appliances in individual households and energy flows. The impact will be felt beyond Village Energy’s business and will hopefully be measured in an improved quality of life for many millions."


- Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Challenges faced by utilities


The Decentralised Energy Problem

Managing and transacting with the billions of customer-owned assets that are all using, producing, and storing energy differently.


Meeting hyper-personalised customer expectations

Managing grid complexity in a way that delights customers and achieves service efficiencies, transparency, and scalability.


Achieving system emission targets

Managing problems with excess solar, real-time price arbitrage, and transitioning to a low or zero-carbon grid.



Grid complexity is an increasing problem the world over. We now have a suite of solutions that can be bundled and configured to tackle different variations of the problem.

01. Managing high energy demand

02. Managing problems with excess solar

03. Alternative billing via microtransactions

04. Increasing the grid’s capacity for solar

05. Helping households to reduce carbon

06. Tools to help households save

Our products


Energyeasy App

Households experience our platform via an elegant mobile App that allows customers to easily manage their energy account and receive offers and plans prompting them to onboard their assets.


Nexi Hub

The Village Energy Nexi Hub is an enterprise control dashboard available to utility customers. It orchestrates and coordinates distributed energy resources to achieve technical, economic, and social priorities.

EasyLink devices 

Our software can be supplemented with our proprietary hardware. Whilst this hardware is optional, it maximizes the benefits available to utilities and can be bundled with services to meet the specific needs of the utility.


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