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Voltello Link Pro.png

Voltello LinkPro

  • Inverter and battery control

  • Wi-Fi and Zigbee protocol support

  • Ethernet WAN/LAN port

  • Bluetooth 4.1

  • CE/FCC certification

Voltello Link ZB.png

Voltello LinkZB

  • Inverter and battery control

  • Wi-Fi, BLE and Zigbee protocol support

  • USB Type C supply

  • Auto inverter scanning

  • Small 62 x 62 x 20mm design

Voltello Air Flex.png

Voltello AirFlex

  • Smart thermostat for split system HVAC control

  • Wi-Fi 2.4GHz

  • Infrared frequency 38KHz, compatible with most HVAC brands

  • Easy plug-and-play design

  • Free-standing or wall-mountable

  • Touchscreen or app interface

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